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Artist • Writer • Interpretive planner

Mette Hanson provides interpretive planning and artistic services for environmental and cultural organizations. She works with clients to find the most compelling way to convey their story using words, natural images and the right medium for their project.


By collaborating with local craftspeople she provides durable artwork and signage in wood, etched metal and clay along with other modern materials.


Writing and editing

Project management

Mette is an accomplished visual artist distinguished by excellent drawing skills. Her meticulous research creates compelling natural realism. Working primarily in a woodcut medium, her images translate well to other materials including frosted vinyl, etched metal and concrete.

Often in an active outdoor setting, less is more. Mette goes to great lengths to research her subject. To keep the topic accessible, she is equally vigorous in her editing. Her strong science background and passion for each project contribute to a well-crafted message.

Finishing a project on time and within budget requires the coordinated efforts of many skilled people. Mette's attention to detail, organizational skills and good-natured communication style have earned her a strong returning clientele including Forterra, IslandWood and Woodland Park Zoo.



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